Our Philosophy

Star Medical is committed to a single promise of caring for your loved one with the compassion, reliability as one of our own. Our goal is to provide independence and peace of mind for your loved one as well as your family. For us, this is more than a business, it's about the experience we share in providing a safe, inspiring environment for our clients.

Our founder Lydia Glucksberg set the standard for the care our clients have come to expect. With over 30 years experience in the medical industry, a dedicated mother of 2 and first hand training in working with children with autism and an active volunteer for several associations and fundraising efforts throughout the local and national circuit, StarCare is more than a business, but a commitment to enrich the lives of others as a caregiver.

As she once said, "The gift is in the caring and compassion needed to make a difference." and that difference is not only the foundation of our philosophy, but our promise.